“be patient”

A few years back, I went to see a Broadway play. Afterwards, I hung around outside the stage door and wound up talking to the director. “Be patient,” he said when I asked for advice. This is something at which I’ve never excelled. Be it waiting for a break, waiting for things to change, orContinue reading ““be patient””

here and now

In the final episode of The Last Dance, Mark Vancil had this to say about Michael Jordan: Most people live in fear because we project the past into the future. Michael’s a mystic. He was never anywhere else. His gift was not that he could jump high, run fast, shoot a basketball. His gift wasContinue reading “here and now”

on bullshit

We all know the truth when we see it. And yet, so many refuse to look it in the eye. They kick, they scream, they cry injustice. Some deny, some obfuscate, some look the other way. It’s the true measure of a man to look the truth in the face and say, “okay.” For farContinue reading “on bullshit”

times like these

“These are times that try men’s souls,” Thomas Paine wrote in 1776, although it many ways, it feels as though these words could have been written yesterday. In times when it feels as though the whole world is ending, it helps me to remember history. I often think about the scene from The Seventh SealContinue reading “times like these”


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joshua chamberlain is a writer and artist based in los angeles.


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