a posture of gratitude

Earlier this year, I finished reading The Book of Joy, a series of conversations between His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. One quote in particular stuck out with me: “When you are grateful,’ Brother Steindl-Rast explained, ‘you are not fearful, and when you are not fearful, you are not violent. When youContinue reading “a posture of gratitude”

the importance of being earnest

Spotify has a habit of suggesting podcasts. There’s one in particular that gets recommended to me over and over again, with a title something along the lines of “Your Favorite Band Sucks.” Why would I be the least bit interested in this? Why is it we citizens of the internet have decided it’s fun orContinue reading “the importance of being earnest”

the problem with cancel culture

The idea of being “cancelled” has been on my mind a lot lately. There are times when public figures do and say unspeakable things, many of which merit legal action and criminal charges. This is not a defense of those actions. But there are also moments where someone slips up and says the wrong thingContinue reading “the problem with cancel culture”

why mean when you could just be quiet?

I was listening to the radio the other day and the DJ asked, “Where do trolls come from?” She meant, of course, the cyberbullies who leave scathing commentary in the comments section. Easy answer: the troll is the person who uses their hatred of something as a distraction from pursuing their own work. It’s soContinue reading “why mean when you could just be quiet?”

if you want to write songs, write songs

I had an interesting conversation today. I met a woman who described herself as a songwriter. She told me she’d been in Los Angeles for five years, trying to work in the music industry. She works at a recording studio, for a producer who has worked with a bunch of musicians we’ve all heard of.Continue reading “if you want to write songs, write songs”

lessons learned at karaoke night

You ever wonder if you could learn valuable life lessons from getting drunk and singing a bad rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” in a bar packed with people? Rob Sheffield thinks so. In his book, Turn Around Bright Eyes: A Karaoke Journey of Starting Over, Falling in Love, and Finding YourContinue reading “lessons learned at karaoke night”