a cabinet of curiosities

In his book, Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon recommends collecting the things that inspire you in a place called a Swipe File. In an attempt to refill my creative well, I’ve start using my Tumblr page again, this time as a swipe file–a place to assemble quotes, pictures, gif sets, music, and videos IContinue reading “a cabinet of curiosities”

zines, zines, zines

Lately, I’ve been taking a page from Austin Kleon’s book recently and spending my free time making zines. It’s been a magnificent way to pass time, channel my anxiety during this time, and jolt my creativity into action. I recently listened to an episode of Design Matters with Debbie Millman that featured Seth Godin. “TheContinue reading “zines, zines, zines”

the post-its on my desk

a collection of small proverbs I’ve collected over the years, about writing, making art, and living well… “so what?” make big plays TODAY! “I’m doing this thing because I believe in it.” every scene is a chase scene Unity, Coherence, Development suffer the consequences Each paragraph is a single shot. Paragraph breaks are cuts. YourContinue reading “the post-its on my desk”

why Mad Men now more than ever

I really enjoyed this article from The Ringer, describing why Mad Men is the perfect choice for binge-watching right now. “Beyond catharsis, Mad Men’s depiction of historical chaos can be strangely calming. After all, it’s the past; not every fictional character got a happy ending, but society itself survived and moved on, despite the not-unreasonableContinue reading “why Mad Men now more than ever”

the work continues

Charles McNulty, a theater critic for the Los Angeles Times, recently published an open letter to his students, detailing how even now, theater and literature have immense power to sustain the human spirit. “Great literature, as Chekhov illustrates in his plays and short stories, is where simplistic binaries die. Characters live personal lives while contendingContinue reading “the work continues”

spending my days

Thought I’d share a few thing I’m using to pass the recent days. Movies: Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man (1943) – The greatest cinematic crossover event in history. Don’t @ me. Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954) Revenge of The Creature (1956) – yikes… Frankenstein (1931) Bride of Frankenstein (1935) The Wolf Man (1941) –Continue reading “spending my days”