lessons learned from houseplants

Early in the pandemic, I started collecting plants in my living room. Surrounding myself with green things helped provide peace of mind during a period of so much upheaval and tumult. Here was something I could control, something I could care for. All I needed was a little potting soil and some water from my…

cut your teeth

Malcolm Gladwell’s Principle of 10,000 hours is well documented, but for those of you who aren’t familiar, the idea goes like this: achieving mastery of a specific skill require an estimated ten-thousand hours of practice. Backed by research studies and social experiments, Gladwell asserts that “ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.” And…

all you can do is the work

I’ve fought with my desire to control for years. We’re all hurtling through the world, like pinballs ricocheting off one another. While it’s reasonable to expect today will look a lot like yesterday, the truth is we’re thrust head-first into the unknown each morning. This is something I’ve always struggled with. I don’t like change.…

Screen Craft Finalist

My full-length play, All Stations Distress, was recently selected as a finalist in this year’s Screen Craft Stage Play Competition. A tremendous thank you to the team of directors, producers, actors, and collaborators over the years who have helped me develop this transformative piece of work.


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joshua chamberlain is a writer and artist based in los angeles.


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