a better future

Nicole Chung in The Atlantic: …write as though there is a future, a more just one—and if I do that, perhaps I’ll be one small step closer to believing in it. In dark days like these, crank some Bowie and get to work making those visions reality…

something to push against

My college roommate and I spent some time recently reflecting on our education and what we learned in college. While he studied Computer Engineering and has gone on to be successful in his field, my education in English, American Studies, and Film was a little less clear cut. As someone once told me, “You’re goingContinue reading “something to push against”

poking the envy

This past weekend, I went to a screening of the film, Poser, an indie feature produced by and featuring artists and musicians from Columbus, Ohio. First, I have to say, I was blown away by the film. It was truly impressive and one of the most original things I’ve seen on screen in quite aContinue reading “poking the envy”

Linklater on time

Linklater has been one of my favorite filmmakers for some time now. From Dazed and Confused to The Before Trilogy, School of Rock to Boyhood, Linklater has always managed to capture youthful enthusiasm in tandem with the human experience of navigating time. While I’d always enjoyed his films, it wasn’t until I saw Kogonada’s videoContinue reading “Linklater on time”


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joshua chamberlain is a writer and artist based in los angeles.


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