“inviting in”

In a recent piece for Variety, Seth Rogen writes how Mills’ most recent film, C’mon C’mon made him rethink the old adage that good artists borrow and great artists steal. “[Mills] made me realize the best artists include,” Rogen writes. “Mike is the first filmmaker I’ve seen to actually credit other artists for their workContinue reading ““inviting in””

summoning something

Here’s a great interview Mike Mills gave on Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, in which Mills discusses how working on his most recent film, C’mon C’mon, was almost an act of summoning something otherworldly. “I don’t think I’m in any control of what I make or what I do. I feel like you summon things, butContinue reading “summoning something”

the 2021 playlist project

I just finished compiling my 2021 playlist for The Infinite Playlist Project. This collection of songs was the soundtrack for: blogging for 100 days in a row sending my best friend and his wife flowers to celebrate the birth of their kids getting drunk and praying during an assault on the US Capitol finishing aContinue reading “the 2021 playlist project”


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joshua chamberlain is a writer and artist based in los angeles.


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