all stations distress

After receiving reports of a distress call from the RMS Titanic, the Managing Editor of The New York Times pursues the story of the ship’s sinking, against the wishes of his publishers and despite pressure from the ship’s owners.

All Stations Distress was a Finalist in the 2023 Screencraft Stage Play Competition.

Photos from the first public reading of All Stations Distress, presented at Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice, CA on January 25th, 2020 with the following cast:

  • Carr Van Anda – Jeff LaBeau
  • Frederick Birchall – Brian Letscher
  • Alexander Woollcott – Will Rothhaar
  • Jack Paine – Keith Stevenson
  • Tommy Bracken – Michael James Bell
  • Eddie Stewart – Derek Chariton
  • Charles R. Miller – Matt McKenzie
  • Adolph Simon Ochs – Richard Fancy
  • Stage Directions – Martha Hackett
  • Directed by Michael Rothhaar
  • Produced by Brad Greenquist


After abandoning their posts on a space station orbiting Earth, two astronauts search for signs of life on a distant planet.

Keplar-452b was produced as part of The Purple Rose Theatre Company’s 2016 Dark Night. The cast and crew were as follows:

  • Craves – Bethany Roberts
  • Franklin – Dan Shefer
  • Directed by Hannah Foreschler
  • Produced by Michelle Mountain

what we have been

A lovelorn twenty-something encounters his ex-girlfriend in a cafe, only to realize she’s a projection of his subconscious.

What We Have Been was produced at The University of Dayton’s inaugural White Box Theatre Festival in November, 2014. The cast and crew were as follows:

  • Matt – Alex Brown
  • Liz – Olivia “V” Scott
  • Directed by Art Jipson
  • Produced by Brian LaDuca