slowing down

As I’m reading and watching and living lately, I keep bumping into tiny reminders about slowing down.

I recently started reading Danny Gregory’s The Creative License, which I can’t recommend enough. I’m only about thirty pages in, but so far, it’s a tremendous education on allowing yourself to abide in your own imagination.

One of my favorite quotes so far:

“The most important part of drawing is seeing. (And I’m not talking about eyesight — Matisse drew beautifully when he was legally blind.) You need to see what’s in front of you in a way you probably don’t right now. You need to slow down.”

It reminds me a lot of this poem by Anis Mogani:

I’ve been trying to slow down and pay attention lately, whether leaving my phone in a different room when watching TV or stopping to notice the flowers while walking to work.

As we move into the holidays, where there’s a constant rush to get work done before flying home, to finish buying and wrapping presents, to get the roast in the oven before the relatives arrive, it’s important to slow down.

The joy of the holidays lies in being with the people we love, which requires taking a breath and slowing down long enough to truly be present with them.

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