invoking the muse

In The War of Art, Steven Pressfield talks about ancient warriors who would invoke the gods to intercede on their behalf. “I do the same thing,” he says. “The last thing I do before I sit down to work is say my prayer to the Muse. I say it out loud, in absolute earnest. Only then do I get down to business.”

With this in mind, I composed my own prayer to the muse:

come closer, dear one

oh muse, oh creator, oh lover

step into me–

breathe my breath, scratch my skin

guide my ambling feet

even as the way grows dark

remind me this journey must be taken

one step at a time

blot out my fear, my doubt, my censorship

devour all that prevents me from arriving at myself

from ripping your seeds from my belly

and placing them in the soil at my feet

tear my from my indifference, my apathy

insist i embrace that which i cannot change

prepare me to enter my heart’s darkest corners

to touch the peeling wallpaper and whatever lies beneath

tend my wounds with the work

steer me from self-flagellation

help me surrender to the gentle I am…I am…I aming of my own heart

keep me ever aware the work is play and the play is work

glory to the creator and the created and the holy creation

ink and glue without end


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