“It’s a trap!”

Not every opportunity leads somewhere.

Some opportunities promote growth, foster collaboration, and bring you closer to your goals. Others prey upon your fears to entrap you.

They offer comfort, stability, or worst of all, offer the hollow promise of further opportunity. “Take this job now and you’ll be a VP within five years, complete with an expense account and a company car.” Of course, then you wake up five years later, spinning your wheels and burning your own potential.

Yes, there’s an appeal in abating uncertainty. Many of us long for the comfort of someone who will tell us what to do. But life doesn’t work this way. There are no rules and no instructions for how to live a good life. And if this year has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is ever certain.

We must learn instead to leap into the void. We must say yes to the things that feed us and no to the things that drain us.

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