times like these

“These are times that try men’s souls,” Thomas Paine wrote in 1776, although it many ways, it feels as though these words could have been written yesterday.

In times when it feels as though the whole world is ending, it helps me to remember history. I often think about the scene from The Seventh Seal where a processional of flagellants suffering from the plague process through the town, praying, weeping, and begging God to end their suffering. If ever there was a time when it seemed the world would end, sure it was then.

I’ve been revisiting Band of Brothers as well, which proves to be a colossal reflection on looking up a history from the bottom and accepting the heinous and unspeakable.

Every generation thinks it will see the end of the world, but if there’s one thing turning to history teaches us, it’s that nothing ever ends.

Tomorrow will come.

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