on the go

Between August of 2015 and September of 2018, I moved ten times.

From my childhood home to my first apartment, from a rundown house with squirrels in the walls to a rented room in a lake house, from a commune in Cincinnati to a cabin in the middle of a cornfield.

Building a home is a feat. It takes months, sometimes years. In all this packing up and moving around, it was hard for me to really settle into a place. It wasn’t until moving to California in September 2018 that I began to really unpack–to hang art on the walls, to organize my closet, to unbox my creative tools.

The thing I had missed most in all this time was having a desk, a workspace all my own where I could sit and write and draw and create. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when unpacking in California, crafting a workspace was my favorite part of settling in.

However, all that moving did teach me how to take that workspace on the go. A computer, a cup of coffee, a few notebooks, a legal pad, and some pens–that’s it. Despite all the adornments and insanity, this space can actually be recreated anywhere.

the current workspace

I’m currently stranded back in the Midwest, camped at my parents’ house in the post-holiday slump as Covid is raging in Los Angeles. As strange as this time has been, it’s been a great opportunity to practice keeping the workspace mobile. It took years of trial and error to tailor down to the necessities, but push comes to shove, I can do just as much writing here as my desk back home.

When life gets crazy, sometimes simplifying is the best thing we can do.