fuck it…

I read an interview with Anthony Hopkins last year, in which he talks with Brad Pitt about his favorite two-word prayer:

I once asked a Jesuit priest, “What is the shortest prayer in the world?” He said,“Fuck it.” It’s the prayer of release. Just say, “Fuck it.” None of it is important. The important thing is to enjoy life as it is. Your life today, it’s fantastic.

This has become my mantra in the last year, a reminder of what’s important and what isn’t. And let’s be honest, there’s a whole lot that isn’t important out there.

It also reminds me a bit of that Foo Fighter’s lyric: “Fuck it all, I came from nothing,” as if to say we can’t be too precious with anything, even the people and things that inspire us.

There are a few areas in my life lately where I’ve been too precious, held too tight. Of course this means one thing: surrender and release and a huge exhale while screaming, “fuck it…”