“make good choices”

Conflict is the engine of storytelling. Here’s the problem: I hate conflict.

It takes a lot to make me angry and even more to make me yell. For years, I was a “people pleaser” who sought to make everyone happy, often as the cost of my own mental and emotional health.

Avoiding conflict at all costs made it difficult to mine my everyday life for inspiration. Perhaps because when I think of conflict, images like The Menzingers video for “After The Party” come to mind…

this is one I’ve been playing over and over again, I love it so much…

I’ve come to realize recently there is no such thing as avoiding conflict. It doesn’t always take the form of yelling and screaming and sobbing. Conflict is merely the consequence of the choices we’ve made. We’re forced into impossible situations, day after day, and have to make the best of them. All we can do is make the best choices we can, then take what comes.

Writing about conflict is difficult. Writing about making choices is a little bit easier.