a hundred days and counting

As of today, I’ve written a blog post every day for the last hundred days.

I didn’t set out with the express intent of blogging every day. I’ll be honest: I hate blogging. I’ve never thought I was good at it.

Here’s why I continue to do it:

  • It’s practice in using the magic box. I don’t plan my content. I show up every day and know that something had to come from nothing. And it always does. The only way to become an alchemist is with practice, practice, practice.
  • It’s also the act of finishing something–of taking one thought through to its conclusion. This is something I’ve always struggled with. I’ll get an idea for a story or a play, then spend months (sometimes years) spinning my wheels without coming anywhere close to finishing it. Blogging every day allows me to practice what it means to finish something–even if it’s flawed–and send it out into the world. It’s the embodiment of Seth Godin’s lesson about shipping the work.
  • I don’t write every day because I have something to say, but the exact opposite. Writing every day allows me to discover what I have to say.