walk your way into an idea

Some of my most important creative realizations have occurred while out for a walk.

In college, walking around campus, often with a good record or a solid mixtape loaded on my iPod, helped ease my mind. Not only did it offer some physical exercise, it also provided a bit of exercise for the mind. I would daydream, wonder about things, and even stop to take photos of things I noticed along the way. Ultimately, going out for a walk helped me get away from my desk and out of my mind for a little while.

Case in point: while out for a walk today, I stumbled into the epiphany that a play I’ve spent some time writing might actually work better as a novel. Only time (and perhaps a few more afternoon strolls) will tell.

I know quite a few creatives used walking to boost their creativity–everyone from Charles Dickens to Bob Dylan. Austin Kleon (yes, him again…) is especially vocal about the ways walking can enhance creativity.

Sometimes, you’ve gotta walk your way into an idea.