hack behavior

I haven’t been showing up lately. Maybe you’ve noticed.

I wrote a little while back about breaking my schedule. Problem is, when you break something, you usually have to put it back together.

When I started blogging again, it became one of the first things I do with my day. Since breaking my schedule a bit, I’ve had to slot it in at inconvenient moments, sometimes just before midnight to keep my streak of days intact.

This is hack behavior. It isn’t intentional. It isn’t generous. It’s the way a pro behaves.

I started blogging to pull back the curtain on my creative process and to practice sharing something small every day. It’s been good so far, but it’s also become a way for me to practice really showing up–being intentional about what I write and asking myself hard questions; things like “What do I really think? Will people engage with this? Do I really think and feel this or am I just rattling things off?”

The work always ebbs and flows. There are seasons of plenty and seasons of scarcity. This is the nature of things, whether planting seeds or posting ideas. The important thing is showing up and doing the work that’s demanded of you.