one bite at a time

I’ve been trying to practice being more present, to varying degrees of success. Lots of breathing and trying to center myself in my body.

Single-tasking has been helpful when reading, writing, or watching TV, but I tried to take this a step further tonight.

A few years back I remember hearing a priest give a sermon about sitting at a meal and setting down her fork after each bite. This allowed for the savoring of each individual bite of food, as opposed to mindlessly stuffing her face. By slowing down enough to appreciate the flavor, texture, and uniqueness of each bite, eating became almost meditative.

I spent about an hour in my kitchen making dinner tonight and put this same habit into practice when I sat down to eat. Instead of rushing through the food like usual do, I set down my fork after every bite. The meal instantly became more enjoyable, more peaceful, more memorable.

I was surprised at how something so simple changed the experience of something so routine.