one thing at a time

For a long time, I’ve suffered from a kind of creative ADHD.

I think it’s caused by a variety of things: promiscuity of interest, a broad range of influences, having too many ideas all at once, and the unconscious fear of bringing something to completion.

Currently, I’m tinkering with an idea for a novel (composed a various short stories), drafting ideas for two different plays, and starting research on a third play. I’m drowning in ideas and have no sense of how to prioritize them.

Typically, I show up to work in the morning and follow whatever speaks to me. This morning, for example, it was a play about sisters in a band whose career is in jeopardy. Tomorrow, I may work on the short story about two lovers dropping acid or the research for a play about comic book artists. Working this was isn’t sustainable. Following the inspiration where it leads like this often means nothing gets done.

I’m trying to work out how to stick with one project until it’s finished. It means sitting with something when it isn’t going well and embracing the discomfort of not knowing how to fix it. It’s messy and difficult. It’s work.

I have no idea what happens when I work on one thing at a time.

But I guess we’re going to find out, aren’t we?