“when did life get so real?”

Some of the defining moments of my life took place almost exactly ten years ago. It’s amazing how this both feels like yesterday and a million years ago at once. I was nineteen and was stupid, but had no idea how stupid I was. I knew so little and was so confident as a result.

Jakob Dylan speaks to this in a recent interview on The Moment with Brian Koppelman.

“Although I know a lot more things now,” he says. “I can make sense of maybe even less of them than I did before. You weren’t so naive when you were twenty-five. In a lot of ways you were, but having less information was almost helpful. It allowed you just to be whimsical and do things…Experience is invaluable, there’s no replacing that. But being naive is not bad either though, because it allows you to do just what you want to do and you don’t have to have so much foresight.”

Sitting in the here and now, I truly understand what it means when they say, “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.”

As Bayside sings, “I think I knew more when I was thirteen…”