why I ran away

It’s been difficult lately.

By this point, it feels like we should have crossed a finish line. We should have made it to the other side. Someone should have blown a whistle and said, “That’s it. You made it. The pandemic is over.”

That hasn’t happened. It might never happen.

So here we are–stuck in this strange malaise of yearning and bleary-eyed unknowing.

Things are moving in my life. People coming and going. There’s growth and change and uncertainty. And I don’t know what to do with any of it. I’m raw and anxious and untethered and unsure what any of this is for.

I struggle to write from a place that’s too personal. Blogging while emotional is something I’ve learned doesn’t end well. (Ask Mark Zuckerberg…) And lately, it’s all personal. It’s all emotional.

And so I haven’t written.

My sister sent me this quote recently.

I guess instead of blogging, I’m digging around for some answers.