a christmas card for you

Every year, I send out Christmas cards.

It’s become a tradition to record a few songs on my guitar and share them with my loved ones. The album I make becomes not only a way to reflect on my year, but also the means to practice making art as a gift, prioritizing the process over the product.

my 2021 Christmas card (some assembly required)

This year, instead of doing printed holiday cards, I opted to assemble a zine of my artwork, which includes some quotes that have helped sustain me through the last few years. This zine is feature above for you to download, print, and assemble (instructions on how to do so feature here).

Austin Kleon’s Tutorial on making zines from a single sheet of paper

And if you’d like to skip the card and go straight to the music, here’s the music I’ve opted to share. It’s a collection of other people’s songs the helped me hope on the darkest days. Feel free to listen and sing along.

Wishing you and yours a wondrous holiday season.