dance to your own music

I was at a party recently where a professional DJ was curating the music on the dance floor.

He wasn’t a particularly good DJ. No one seemed to be into what he was playing.

It didn’t matter though: he was the most excited person in the room. He danced to his own music. He waved his hands. He clapped. He whopped and hollered.

“He’s not very good at this,” a friend of mine said.

“Maybe,” I replied. “But he’s also really excited about his music. And that’s something…”

After a little while, people started to dance. This made the DJ even more excited, which made the people on the dance floor excited. It became a feedback loop of joy. After a little while, the whole room was dancing.

Sometimes, you’ve gotta dance to your own music. Be patient. Give it a little time. The right people with join in, but only if you’re dancing first.

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