things I did this year

New Year’s Eve always puts me in a reflective mood. I’ve always felt this is a day for looking back to remember the previous year while preparing for the next trip around the sun.

A few years back, I started compiling a list of things I’d done in the previous year. This has become a bit of a tradition, an exercise in reminding myself what I’ve accomplished, where I’ve been, and how I’ve grown.

With this in mind, here are a few things I did in 2022:

  • met the first female Vice President of the United States
  • walked my mother down the aisle during my little sister’s wedding ceremony, danced and got drunk at the reception, and gave a toast at the rehearsal dinner
  • wrote, produced, and directed my own short film
  • helped produce a horror film
  • hosted a film premiere in my home town for the community who made my life possible
  • finally caught (and survived) Covid-19
  • quit a job
  • got fired from a job
  • hired employees
  • fired an employee
  • started dating again, then almost immediately stopped dating again
  • walked in Fourth of July Parade
  • flew home to attend a music festival featuring all my favorite bands
  • took an impromptu road trip from Chicago to Cincinnati with a complete stranger in the middle of the night
  • watched my best friend knock ‘em dead on stage at USC
  • got high in front of my mom
  • finally got over a girl I’d been hung up on for quite a while
  • had a “State of the Union” conversation with my dad
  • filled out post cards and wrote letters to potential voters in preparation for a consequential election
  • heard a candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles outline a pretty unconvincing plan to address the homelessness crisis
  • helped build a Hollywood actor’s workshop from the ground up
  • had dinner with friends at The Magic Castle
  • ran bottle service at an impromptu nightclub built in an empty parking lot on skid row, all while listening to Tiesto and The Chainsmokers perform
  • visited the house where Halloween was shot
  • watched the football team from my hometown make it all the way to the Super Bowl
  • helped organize a reunion of some of my high school classmates
  • served Jeff Goldblum vegan pizza
  • hung out in Kyle MacLachlan’s driveway
  • went to a film premiere and the afterparty on the roof of the Academy Motion Picture Museum
  • shook hands with a Nobel Prize winner
  • revisited some of my favorite TV shows from childhood
  • attended a Zoom cooking class with a bunch of my co-workers
  • saw a few absolutely towering acts of theater
  • cheered on the winning team in Game 6 of the NBA Finals
  • helped a friend move into his first house
  • visited The Mustard Museum in Madison, Wisconsin
  • helped produce a short film starring two Broadway legends
  • ate lunch and made conversation with said Broadway legends
  • joined the folk band
  • completed The Artist’s Way with a group strangers
  • finished the first draft of a (really good) novel
  • built a sandcastle on the beach
  • wrote and recorded my own songs to send out in my Christmas cards
  • accepted that I finally had to let go of a few people who once meant the world to me
  • made some new friends, some good choices, and some pretty good art

Here’s to more friends, more art, more madness, and more hope in 2023…