the importance of contrast

I’ve been watching Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix recently and I can’t get enough. In an episode on interior design, Ilse Crawford talks about the importance of contrast in material texture to evoke sensory experience: We actually understand materials best by contrast. Our senses are actually wired in such a way that weContinue reading “the importance of contrast”

the importance of being earnest

Spotify has a habit of suggesting podcasts. There’s one in particular that gets recommended to me over and over again, with a title something along the lines of “Your Favorite Band Sucks.” Why would I be the least bit interested in this? Why is it we citizens of the internet have decided it’s fun orContinue reading “the importance of being earnest”

why mean when you could just be quiet?

I was listening to the radio the other day and the DJ asked, “Where do trolls come from?” She meant, of course, the cyberbullies who leave scathing commentary in the comments section. Easy answer: the troll is the person who uses their hatred of something as a distraction from pursuing their own work. It’s soContinue reading “why mean when you could just be quiet?”