how to have more than one success

In a conversation on Illeana Douglas’s podcast, Matthew Weiner recounts asking Larry Gelbart the secret to having more than one success. Gelbart, famous for M*A*S*H and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, responded: Don’t do anything for money, don’t do anything you’ve done before, and don’t do anything that’s boring. BecauseContinue reading “how to have more than one success”

receiving aliveness

I’ve been having a blast with The Midnight Gospel, Duncan Trussell’s animated podcast that examines life, death, and questions of existence (alongside some trippy animation.) Each episode has its own nuggets of wisdom, but one of my favorites comes from the fourth episode, which features Dharma teacher, Trudy Goodman. “We have to recognize what’s goingContinue reading “receiving aliveness”