“be patient”

A few years back, I went to see a Broadway play. Afterwards, I hung around outside the stage door and wound up talking to the director.

“Be patient,” he said when I asked for advice.

This is something at which I’ve never excelled. Be it waiting for a break, waiting for things to change, or waiting for the love of my life, I’m not good at waiting. But we wait for a reason.

My roommate is always fond of saying, “You wouldn’t pick a peach before it’s ripe.”

Said another way: “Not everyone’s ready to be found,” as Jimmy Eat World claims on their last record, Surviving. “No, you might not be ready to be found…”

Let yourself get good and ripe while you wait.

On a separate note: Jimmy Eat World is doing a series of live streamed concerts over the next few weeks. I tuned in and watched them perform Surviving front to back this afternoon. Definitely worth a watch.