Screen Craft Finalist

My full-length play, All Stations Distress, was recently selected as a finalist in this year’s Screen Craft Stage Play Competition. A tremendous thank you to the team of directors, producers, actors, and collaborators over the years who have helped me develop this transformative piece of work.

head down. mouth shut. (or “discretion if the better part of valor”)

I’ve never liked how I worded number three on my list of rules to live by. When taken by itself, the phrase “head down, mouth shut” seems to imply looking the other way in the face of atrocity (much like the German baker in Band of Brothers, who claims not to have known there wasContinue reading “head down. mouth shut. (or “discretion if the better part of valor”)”

lessons from Mike Nichols

I finally finished reading Mark Harris’s biography, Mike Nichols: A Life. A few takeaways: “I passionately believe that in art, certainly in theater, there are only two questions…The first question is: ‘What is this, really, when it happens in life?’ not what is the accepted convention…but what is it really like? And the other questionContinue reading “lessons from Mike Nichols”