building a house of cards

Yesterday, I inadvertently broke a 150-day streak of writing on this blog.

It was a busy day, filled with work and getting coffee with friends and conversations about storytelling and faith and Lil Nas X’s music videos. It wasn’t until the middle of the night, in the fits of a dream that I realized–“You didn’t write a blog post today.”

Strange as it seems, the consolation also came in the midst of a dream. I thought immediately about building a house of cards: The more cards you stack, the taller the house gets, but the more difficult it becomes to continuing building. The slightest upset can cause the tower to collapse. It’s easy to find yourself back at the beginning.

Oddly enough, this idea also conjured a scene from the the Netflix series, House of Cards.

While there’s certainly no comparison between an addict counting days of sobriety and an artist tracking blog posts, the principle is similar: the more days you rack up, the higher the stakes. The larger the number, the more painful it is to find yourself back at zero.

Despite that pain, we start again. We must.