farmers, pirates, and Anthony Bourdain

I went to see Morgan Neville’s Roadrunner: A Film about Anthony Bourdain this weekend. Twice. Perhaps it’s the season of life in which I find myself, but Bourdain’s story resonated with me on a level that summoned a deep discomfort. The film paints a portrait of Bourdain as a contradictory soul–a man in search ofContinue reading “farmers, pirates, and Anthony Bourdain”

“nobody wants authenticity”

When discussing art or music, there’s always a lot of talk about authenticity, a word used to describe something that orbits the truth. The problem is, the word itself has been corrupted. Artists and creative people spend so much time chasing the idea of authenticity, they make the mistake of conflating truth with reality. NoneContinue reading ““nobody wants authenticity””

the power of juxtaposition

In his famous interview with François Truffaut, Alfred Hitchcock details the power of placing two images beside one another: [Pudovkin] describes an experiment by his teacher, Kuleshov. You see a close up of the Russian actor Ivan Mosjoukine. This is immediately followed by a shot of a dead baby. Back to Mosjoukine again and youContinue reading “the power of juxtaposition”