receiving aliveness

I’ve been having a blast with The Midnight Gospel, Duncan Trussell’s animated podcast that examines life, death, and questions of existence (alongside some trippy animation.) Each episode has its own nuggets of wisdom, but one of my favorites comes from the fourth episode, which features Dharma teacher, Trudy Goodman. “We have to recognize what’s goingContinue reading “receiving aliveness”

“nobody wants authenticity”

When discussing art or music, there’s always a lot of talk about authenticity, a word used to describe something that orbits the truth. The problem is, the word itself has been corrupted. Artists and creative people spend so much time chasing the idea of authenticity, they make the mistake of conflating truth with reality. NoneContinue reading ““nobody wants authenticity””

“I went down to the crossroads…”

Yesterday, I watched a great documentary about Robert Johnson and myth about selling his soul at the crossroads. It’s been well documented that Johnson’s music became the foundation for modern blues and rock and roll. That said, it’s incredible to actually trace the inspiration back to its source. I’d never paid Johnson much mind, butContinue reading ““I went down to the crossroads…””