the 2021 playlist project

I just finished compiling my 2021 playlist for The Infinite Playlist Project.

This collection of songs was the soundtrack for:

  • blogging for 100 days in a row
  • sending my best friend and his wife flowers to celebrate the birth of their kids
  • getting drunk and praying during an assault on the US Capitol
  • finishing a draft of a new play, hosting a table read, and deciding to scrap the project
  • kissing a girl I’ve had a crush on for half my life
  • laying low at my parent’s house
  • leaving my childhood home for the last time
  • moving into a one bedroom apartment to live alone for the first time in my life
  • recording another Christmas card album
  • starting therapy (yet again…)
  • getting stoned at a Bayside concert and knowing exactly who I was
  • receiving fashion advice from the drummer of The Strokes
  • getting the Covid vaccine
  • starting preproduction on a short film I wrote
  • watching my little sister get engaged
  • taking photos atop the ferris wheel on Navy Pier
  • taking a boat ride on the Chicago river
  • seeing Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer play Dodger Stadium
  • dancing at a Patti Smith concert
  • buying my parents dinner at Jon & Vinny’s
  • starting work for an indie book publisher
  • teaching ten-year-olds about World War I, biomes, and the government
  • applied for a grant for my first play
  • getting rejected fro Ivy League graduate schools
  • starting to go to a new church
  • finally giving up writing a book I’d spent six years on
  • buying a first edition copy of On The Road
  • making brunch to celebrate a Presidential Inauguration
  • drawing pictures at the Cincinnati Art Museum
  • packing meal kits with chefs in a professional kitchen
  • hanging out in the Sheats-Goldstein House in Beverly Hills
  • listening to a panel of art critics talk about Basquiat and Warhol
  • overhearing Hollywood execs and agents talk shop about “the business”
  • hanging out with a rocket scientist from SpaceX
  • going on a walking murder tour of downtown Los Angeles
  • getting an American Idiot tattoo
  • taking up painting
  • seeing Andrew McMahon play the Chicago Theater
  • mourning the first wave of my peers to die
  • turning thirty

Cheers, 2021. It’s been a ride.

Show me whatcha got, 2022…